Crackdown 3 Teaser Site Launches Ahead Of E3 – But Maybe Don’t Expect To See It

I don’t expect Crackdown 3 to be at E3. Despite being out relatively soon, I think it will get a big spot at Gamescom instead, much like last year.

However, this teaser site for the game launched a few days ago and it is pretty interesting. It has a series of dates, the first being last Friday, which one would think references the site’s launch. It has incremental updates too for each Friday up until July 7th. What those dates mean is for you to guess right now.

However, you will notice that a June 13th date, the date of Microsoft’s E3 conference isn’t on there, so I think that adds credency to the game missing the show. However, there is something scheduled for Friday, the day after E3, so maybe we will get something as a parting gift from the game.

There is also some nonsense about pensions, and $2/$10 being added to our account, but I have no idea what that means. Pensions are always fun though. Video Games!