The Night Manager’s Susanne Bier Reportedly On Bond Director Shortlist

007While the saga of Daniel Craig and his 00 status remains unresolved, the search for a new Bond director is underway.

Skyfall and Spectre director Sam Mendes announced he will not return to the director’s seat and, according to the Radio Times (via The Hollywood Reporter), a shortlist of replacements already exists. One name on that list may be of interest to those championing actor Tom Hiddleston as the next 007: Susanne Bier.

Bier directed Hiddleston in The Night Manger, the BBC1 series which debuted on AMC in April. And while adding fuel to the speculation that Hiddleston could be the new Bond, Bier’s appointment as director — should it happen — would also lead to the first film in the series directed by a woman. But it remains to be seen if that would quell Bond’s chauvinistic attitudes.

The next film, the twenty-fifth in the official series, is not yet scheduled for release.