Civil War II And The Shape Of The Marvel Universe Today... (SPOILERS)

Civil War II And The Shape Of The Marvel Universe Today… (SPOILERS)

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Invincible Iron Man, The Road To Civil War II sees Tony Stark, in disguise and wielding a light sabre (don’t ask) discovering another Inhuman who is causing him all manner of grief.

IMG_3104If he were the Tony Stark from the films, he might hold a grudge. But, in actual Civil War II, he seems a lot more sanguine about them all.


Almost as if he wasn’t having hot-headed irrational reactions to certain pieces of news, as opposed to when he tried to kill Bucky in the Civil War movie. Because this is the level headed Marvel comics version of the character.

So when he finds out what has happened to one of his best friends…


You know he’s not going to…


Oh wait, yes he is. As today’s Amazing Spider-Man points out.


‘Twas ever thus, now it’s just in the title as well. Of course, this is a world in which Mary Jane Watson has turned down working for Tony Stark…


And yet has also taken the job, in Amazing Spider-Man, and giving death news in Civil War II.


Schroedinger’s Mary Jane? And, yes, things change. As for Peter Parker’s worries…


…Tony does have them too.

However in today’s Civil War flashback Contest Of Champions, in an alternate universe, everything worked out well for him…


See, Obama in the Marvel Universe at least) was right in Civil War #0…

Though Tony does have a few issues with his future.


We have thought about it, Tony. Lot’s have people have thought about it, and it sounds like a good thing. Even at death’s door. But Tony Stark has a monologue.


Basically… Tony Stark hates spoilers. Which, given that the first issue was comprehensively spoilered on Neogaf back in January is understandable.


It really was, wasn’t it? Though fair play to Marvel for sticking to their guns and only changing Homer’s name to Ulysses, and not giving us an Armageddon 2001 moment.

But not everyone agrees with Tony.


See! She-Hulk likes spoilers! Even if it kills her! I guess Bleeding Cool is going to have to be #TeamCarol on this one.

Meanwhile Old Man Logan is making threats…


…for which karma takes her revenge in All-New Wolverine.



While in A-Force, another mutant falls prey to the plague of M-Pox…

And we even get a reprise of that still-unexplained moment from original Sin.IMG_3118

And while you might not be able to wait for the second issue of Captain Hydra, here at least is another chance to read Traitor Cap stories, heading up Thunderbolts. Which used, of course to be Baron Zemo’s team…
IMG_3121So best end on a happy note, yes? Spider-Woman should be able to help out…. breastfeeding superheroes are still not all that common.


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