Enjoying (And Not Comparing) Hitchhiker's Guide Adaptations In The Latest Movies With Mikey

Enjoying (And Not Comparing) Hitchhiker’s Guide Adaptations In The Latest Movies With Mikey

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Mikey Neumann returns with another Movies with Mikey. This time, he takes on the 2005 feature version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe. While admitting its flaws, he points out the tendency to rank it in regard to other versions of Hitchhiker’s instead of appreciating it own merits.


And yes, that’s an absolutely fair take on the flick. It has so many inspired moments. My favorite is Arthur Dent boldly queuing and facing many weird alien creatures, including the television version of Marvin.

At the same time, it definitely seems like Adams and the writers who followed him never quite tackled the added romantic angle or other elements to make the concept more appealing to US audiences. In hindsight, its easy to see how those aspects could’ve been downplayed, but as Mikey points out, would the film exist at all without them?

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