What's Old Is New Again

What’s Old Is New Again

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Drew Ford writes,

After putting together over two dozen reprint collections at Dover Publications over the last two years (one of which was nominated for an Eisner Award, The Puma Blues by Stephen Murphy & Michael Zulli)…


I have launched my own publishing imprint called IT’S ALIVE!


The first book I will publish under this new imprint is RED RANGE, written by Joe R. Lansdale and illustrated by Sam Glanzman.

It was originally published in black and white by Mojo Press in 1999.  Sadly, Mojo Press went out of business the same year RED RANGE was published, and it has been out of print ever since.


This new edition will be published in full color, on 70 lb glossy stock, with a newly designed matte cover, and a historical afterword about RED RANGE and the working relationship between Lansdale and Glanzman, by acclaimed SWAMP THING artist Stephen R. Bissette.


Combining an unusual mix of racial unrest, odd ball characters and strange happenings, RED RANGE is a unique take on “The Western”, and absolutely deserves to be back in print.


I have launched a Kickstarter campaign, to raise the funds to publish RED RANGE through my new imprint IT’S ALIVE!  Here is the link:

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Along with the ability to pick up a print and/or digital copy of the book itself, our Kickstarter also has some incredible original sketches available.  Folks like Teri S. Wood, Russ Braun, Don Simpson, Rufus Dayglo, Dalibor Talajic, Batton Lash, Ryan Benjamin, R. G. Taylor and Stan Sakai!  Here are a couple of the available sketches:





I really need your help to publish the first book under my new imprint, as I continue my mission of bringing lost and forgotten graphic novels and uncollected comic book runs back into print!

rrvideo8 ​If you enjoyed any of the other books I was responsible for putting back into print (such as The Puma Blues by Stephen Murphy & Michael Zulli, A Sailor’s Story by Sam Glanzman, Civil War Adventure by Chuck Dixon & Gary Kwapisz, Mercy: Shake The World by J.M. DeMatteis & Paul Johnson, Blackjack: Second Bite of the Cobra by Alex Simmons & Joe Bennett, The BOZZ Chronicles by David Michelinie & Bret Blevins, The Magician’s Wife by Jerome Charyn & Fracois Boucq, Night and the Enemy by Harlan Ellison & Ken Steacy, Last of the Dragons by Carl Potts, Denny O’Neil, Terry Austin & Marie Severin, Paleo by Jim Lawson, Through the Habitrails by Jeff Nicholson, Murder by Remote Control by Janwillem van de Wetering & Paul Kirchner, The Juggler of Our Lady by R.O. Blechman, and Secret Teachings of a Comic Book Master: The Art of Alfredo Alcala by Heidi MacDonald & Phillip Dana Yeh), I hope you will consider sending along a pledge to support not only RED RANGE, but my new publishing imprint.


Let’s work together to keep the history of comics ALIVE!

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