No Man’s Sky Director The New Target For Threats After Delay


This story just keeps running and running, but hopefully this is now the epilogue.

This all started with Kotaku breaking a story, reporting that No Man’s Sky was getting a delay. This then started a barrage from the game’s fans against journalist Jason Schreier, who received death threats on suspicion of making up the story. Then, predictably, the story was confirmed by Hello Games, announcing the game was coming in August.

Well, it seems that some in the angry mob have turned their frustration toward the game’s director Sean Murray. In a tweet, he revealed that he had gotten death threats for the delay (which is only 7 weeks long), but it seems he kept a light mood about it all. He tweeted:

Hopefully this loud subset of fans were just using the anonymity of the internet to get out frustrations, and that nothing here was at all serious. Still, I don’t think it’s unfair that those yelling should get a little bit of perspective.