Tom Cavanagh Still A Flash Series Regular

If there’s anything we now know about The Flash, it’s that even goodbyes can be short lived thanks to multiple Earths, time travel and plentiful bus lines between Central City, Keystone and Opal — to say nothing of the ease with which one can get to Nanda Parbat from just about anywhere in time or space.

And while the recently aired second season finale suggested we may have seen the last of Dr. Harrison Wells, nothing is ever so simple in the Multiverse. Entertainment Weekly reports actor Tom Cavanagh, who has played Wells in all his manifestations, will continue into season three as a regular.

They also suggest he may play the Earth-1 Wells at last. Cavanagh played him for a few brief scenes before being killed and replaced by Eobard Thawne. The site supposes Barry’s alteration of the future may prevent Thawne from seeking the scientist out, but with the Reverse-Flash still presumably stuck in his own past, his encounter with Wells may yet occur.

Personally, I’d want the Earth-2 Wells to return. I really enjoyed the character and his growth over the season. At times, it was more interesting than what was going on in the main story. But then again, letting Cavanagh find another persona for Wells may also prove rewarding.

The Flash returns in the Fall.