The Archie Crossover You Never Knew You Wanted Until Now…

The Archie Crossover You Never Knew You Wanted Until Now…

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Ray Flook writes,

You can have your Rebirths and your NOW!s and your same-old-same-old…but for me? I’m all-in on this one. Throw a hundred-and-twenty-seven variant covers at me. I don’t care. Just tell me where to hand-over my $5.99.


But it does get me thinking…

* Can I recommend Crossed: Riverdale, AfterCrossed with Archie or Betty & Veronica Jumbo Crossed Comics Digest?

* It would appear that the mayoral race in Riverdale is going to take an ugly turn.

* Looking forward to the rumored Jae Lee/Tsum-Tsum variant cover.

* Not sure exactly how they could make this happen, but a Josie and The Pussycats/Crossed/Providence title from Mark Waid, Mike Wolfer and Alan Moore needs to spin-off from this.

* Really looking forward to seeing how well Wolfer’s and Fiona Staples’ art styles complement each other.

Or maybe it was just a beautiful mistake on the part of Midtown Comics in their June 1st comics listing.

Either way, a geek can still dream…can’t he?

The ball’s in your court, Archie Comics and Avatar Press. Let’s make this happen.

Now about that Steven Universe / Zombie Tramp crossover I’ve been hearing about…

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