The Arrow Finale Cleaned House

This article will be talking about the season finale of Arrow, so definitely spoilers.






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Going into this season the executive producers were talking about how the show was going to lightening up a bit and we were going to see Oliver Queen run for Mayor. Oliver did run for mayor before dropping out, but the show didn’t get lighter. No, it got much Darhker.

Last night wrapped up the season with Damien Darhk as the bad guy. There is this great moment where you know the show isn’t taking itself too seriously. Last season it was Quentin Lance saying how Star City was about to be destroyed, it must be May. This time it was Oliver, addressing the city and calling out each season finale by name: The Undertaking, The Siege and The Outbreak. Mind you the city was panicking because of a nuclear missile on the way.

Oliver gave hope back to the city and in doing so, their hope fueled him to defeat Darhk. Felicity Smoak and Curtis Holt figured out how to stop the missiles and the city rose up to defeat Hive. And everyone lived happily ever after… right?

Nope, this is Star City.

The nice new Arrow Bunker that we got at the beginning of the season has seen better days. And it’s a bit overkill now. Laurel Lance is dead. Quentin is no longer a cop and is going out of town with Donna Smoak. John Diggle is going off to deal with the killing of his brother by what looks like re-enlisting. Thea Queen left the team to try and get away from the darkness building inside of her. Which pretty much leaves Oliver and Felicity.

The two are not back together and Felicity is out of work. But that’s okay because Oliver just got a new job… Mayor. Even though he dropped out, he still got 48% of the vote form write-ins, add that to the speech he gave and the city council appointed him interim Mayor and expect him to win a proper election.

So why has Team Arrow split up? Rumors have been going that next season they plan to do something similar to season 2 of Marvel’s Daredevil. A one-on-one thing instead of a big villain trying to destroy the city. Green Arrow vs a Punisher type that will eventually push Oliver even more towards the light maybe. No word yet on who his opponent would be. But it would fall in the anti-hero category rather than villain. Maybe someone like Vigilante / Adrian Chase would work.

Oh, and as expected, Oliver is headed to Russia in the flashbacks.

I wrote a month or so back that I hoped we’d get back to focusing on Green Arrow more and less on Team Arrow. The new season seems to be setting up that way. Then again, after the season finale of The Flash, everything could change.

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