Read Into The Xbox Boss’ Comments On Rumoured Xbox One Slim And Scorpio As You Please

Posted by May 26, 2016 Comment


Yesterday, credible rumours about an Xbox One Slim, as well as an improved version of the Xbox One currently named Scorpio hit the net, sending plenty of people spinning into speculation. Was it true? Are parts of it false? All things I’ve seen discussed.

Xbox head Phil Spencer has somewhat acknowledged the rumours on Twitter to, by cutely saying that the rumours are ‘creative’.That was before linking to the Xbox Media Briefing taking place at E3. He wrote:

To be honest, there are lots of ways you could read this in both the for and against camp. I’m pretty sure it was designed like that completely on purpose. It seems we will hear something come E3 though. Keep us close during that time. I’ll be there in person.

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