Is No Man's Sky Getting A Delay?

Is No Man’s Sky Getting A Delay?

Posted by May 26, 2016 Comment

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky has been in the public consciousness for what feels like forever. Announced at the only VGX, the game’s substantial secrets have plagued gamers for ages.

Well, it looks like we might be pushing things back even farther. According to a couple source speaking to Kotaku, the game is getting pushed back from June 21st to sometime in July or August at the earliest. According to a GameStop employee they spoke to, promotional material was received for the game with the original release date, but they were asked to cover it up with a ‘coming soon’ note because the date was changing. You can see images of that in the original article.

There is no word from Hello Games or Sony though, so perhaps take this with a pinch of salt. We’ve waited this long though. What is another month or two?

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