Overwatch Could Get Campaign Somewhere Down The Line Says Director


I’m having a stellar time with Overwatch right now. I’ve been playing it pretty hard the last two days, and I am all over the play and style it sports. One of the things that I am loving most though is the subtle bits of narrative and story that trickle through the maps and in game character chatter.

It seems that the idea of a ‘campaign’ to broaden that story isn’t out of Blizzard’s minds. Speaking on a Facebook livestream, director Jeff Kaplan has said that Blizzard are certainly thinking about expanding the title with a campaign. He states that with Blizzard’s love of storytelling, there would be/is a passion for such a mode in the studio.

He added that this likely wouldn’t be entirely Solo, as to fit with the rest of the game, it would likely be a co-op deal. He also added that none of this is very far in development though, if even out of the idea phase, so don’t expect anything soon.

I’d be way into this, especially if it helped building the world and the characters more, which seem ripe for it. Count me in if it ever happens.