I'm About To Go Live On The BBC To Talk About #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend

I’m About To Go Live On The BBC To Talk About #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend

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I’m about to go live on BBC Radio to talk about the campaign to give Captain America a boyfriend, a Twitter trend picked up by all major media organisations.

It’s very much a wish fulfilment thing for some, I don’t know if anyone actually expects Marvel to give Steve Rogers, Captain America a boyfriend, but it has done a lot to highlight the fact that people wouldn’t mind a lead gay superhero character and maybe, just maybe, someone would like to take their money.

Of course, who knows? There are always alternate dimension versions, other people to take the role of Captain America – and if Marvel can do this very spoilery thing to Steve Rogers in the comics today, then anything is on the table. If he has been living a lie about one thing for so long, why not another?

No getting struck by homosexualising laser beams though, okay? If it happens, he really should have been born that way.

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