“Catman Says Big Hug!” Today Brings The Last Issue Of Secret Six

Wave goodbye to Catman, because today brings us Secret Six #14, which is also the last issue. I mostly enjoyed the return of the series, and was certainly sad to see it go…


Here’s what writer Gail Simone had to say:

“We had a blast doing this series. Huge thanks to the gifted artists who worked on it, especially the great DALE EAGLESHAM and the wonderful TOM DERENICK. These guys went above and beyond and I will love them forever.

Big thank yous to the amazing editors, Mark Doyle, Jim Chadwick, and Kristy O’Quinn, who never did anything but help us make the wildest, best book we could.

And lots of thanks to Dan DiDio, who supported us hugely, and who actually had the idea for us to bring the book back.

Biggest thanks of all to everyone who read our weirdo book. Thank you! Catman says big hug!”

She has also promised us weirdness…

It’s an incredibly action packed issue for sure, but I won’t spoil it here. You’ll want to experience the Six vs. The League of Assassins for yourself. Grab your copy of Secret Six #14 today.