Lucas Stand #1 Kurt Sutter Signed Cover Revealed

LucasStand_Coin_Variant_PRESSKurt Sutter is the creator of Sons of Anarchy. In addition to one of the most sought after show runners in Hollywood, he’s also one of the more vocal and entertaining personalities in the space. He rather notoriously opted to cancel his own show, Bastard Executioner, publicly through The Hollywood Reporter. His 554,000 followers on Twitter are breathlessly waiting for details on the recently announced Mayans spinoff series.

He’s launching his first original series in comic books, Lucas Stand, on June 22nd with Boom! Studios. Boom!’s adaptation of Sons of Anarchy was one of their highest launching series and ran 25 issues before ending last year. A new series, Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original, delving into the early years of Jax Teller was recently announced with Kurt’s blessing.

Lucas Stand is a classic Sutter project – dark, tragic, and from the sounds of it, extremely violent. Lucas Stand is a military vet who can’t reintegrate into society and has emotionally cut himself off from the people he loves. At his lowest point, Lucas does something he can’t take back. Hell comes calling, offering him the opportunity to make things right. Demons escaping Hell are upsetting the balance of evil, and now Lucifer has recruited Lucas to send them back. It doesn’t matter in what era the demons escape—World War II, old-timey Hollywood, Vietnam, present day—he must learn to fit in both the past and the present. Given new purpose, Lucas starts to rebuild himself and his life, even as he struggles at the human cost that comes with it.

On June 22nd, comic book retailers will have access to something they didn’t for Sons of Anarchy – a foil incentive cover signed by Kurt Sutter. The only catch – they have to order 100 copies of Lucas Stand to get it. The cover image wasn’t shown in Previews, but I managed to snag an image to share here.

With over half a million Sutter fans running around out there, it seems like a pretty sound investment. Will your retailer have one?


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