Comedy And Emotion With A Donut Shaped Bow On Top: Advance Review Of Jonesy #4

Now that Jonesy has officially achieved ongoing status, I’m happy to add it to my permanent pull-list, and you should be too!

This week brings the release of the fourth issue, and it’s all about prom. From BOOM! Box, written by Sam Humphries, with art by Caitlin Rose Boyle, Jonesy is at it again. Prom is on the horizon, and she’s feeling the pressure at school. When her classmates mock her for not having a date, Jonesy decides to take matters into her own magical hands. However, it’s not so easy when the Principal is on your case!

I really enjoyed the character development in this issue. Over the first three issues of the series, we experienced Jonesy using her powers with little consideration beforehand. Now that she’s being suspected for something, she has a lot of conflict within her. It forces her to reflect, and the best part is, she does so with her friends. I adore this comic. Sam Humphries knows how to tie emotion and comedy together with a donut shaped bow on top. Besides that, the comic is just insanely amusing. Boyle’s bright colors and whimsical art style make me feel like I have stars in my eyes when I read. I couldn’t be happier that this book has turned into an ongoing series. It looks like we have a lot more to look forward to…

Be sure to pick up your copy of Jonesy #4 this Wednesday to see if things go smoothly at prom!