GingerZap Zapped By Ryan Ottley (UPDATE)

Liz W, going by the name of GingerZap, is exhibiting at Puerto Rico Comic Con this weekend, selling her work.

However on her Etsy store, it says she is suddenly taking a short break.

Screenshot (31)

Why would that be? Especially as days before it looked like this?

Screenshot (32)

Well, that’s before Invincible‘s Ryan Ottley went to town.

Sorry Ryan, I was watching Preacher. And roasting a chicken. But yes, these do seem a little similar. And plety of people on Twitter decided to make their opinions known as well.

unnamed (1)unnamed (4) unnamed (3)

In a message to Ryan, Liz apologised, saying she had removed the pieces, stated it wasn’t a filter, she wasn’t aware of the original piece’s origin and offering to turn over profits earned for the print.

I guess we’ll have to see what happens at the next show…

UPDATE: The CEO of the Puerto Rico Comic Con told me that they  are establishing a new screening process for all Artist Alley exhibitors, saying,

Puerto Rico Comic Con condones the inappropriate use and/or sale of unauthorized material in our and any other show. We take all the necessary measures to prevent this practice. Puerto Rico Comic Con did not “allow” this to happen. Every retailer is responsible for the compliance of their merchandise, and we will certainly follow up on this matter.

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