A Look At The Evil Queen: Digesting The Once Upon A Time Season 5 Finale

It’s been one week since the finale of Once Upon a Time, and I’m still not completely sure how I feel about it. While there were a few different storylines explored throughout the finale, there’s only one thing I wish to discuss here…Regina.

ONCE UPON A TIME - "Unforgiven" - David and Mary Margaret suspect Cruella and Ursula have come to Storybrooke looking for something more than their own happy endings - something that threatens to reveal a secret they thought was long buried. Emma begins her own investigation of Cruella and Ursula, but she can't shake the feeling that her friends and family are keeping something from her. Regina and Henry continue their search for the Author, turning to Pinocchio and Marco in the hope Pinocchio might remember a clue that will help them. Meanwhile, in a flashback to Fairy Tale Land, Snow and Charming cross paths with the Queens of Darkness as the threat of the Evil Queen's Dark Curse hangs over all of them on "Once Upon a Time," SUNDAY, MARCH 8 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Jack Rowand) LANA PARRILLA
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Since season one, we’ve seen Regina’s character, played by Lana Parrilla, evolve more than any other character on the show. Starting out as the Evil Queen and retaining that corrupt nature in her Storybrooke character Regina, was something that many people thought would never change. However, as time went on, and many different events occurred, she began to grow. In a lot of ways, this has made her increasingly complex.

I was constantly skeptical of Regina “doing the right thing.” There were too many instances where her good intentions had the possibility to still be advantageous in a selfish way. That was of course until she met Robin Hood, played by Sean Maguire. There relationship propelled Regina into a new set of behaviors, and a repaired heart. It was great to watch their relationship develop. Unfortunately, now he’s gone, dead, and it seems like it’s for the long term. Therefore, at the beginning of last weeks episode, the other characters were on guard. There was no way Regina was going to stay kind-hearted, now that the love of her life was gone. She would surely relapse. Right?

Well, no. The integration of characters Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde created an alternative opportunity…one that I’m still digesting. We know the story of Jekyll and Hyde, but in Once Upon a Time the writers decided that it would be a good idea to have a Jekyll and Hyde approach to Regina and the Evil Queen. Throughout the episode, Regina expresses the internal struggle she has with wanting to be evil. When the opportunity is presented to her, to use the same serum that managed to separate Dr. Jekyll from Mr. Hyde, she takes it.

Watching this, I was shocked. Seeing Regina standing before the Evil Queen was strange, but watching Regina pull out the Evil Queen’s heart and destroying her…that was disappointing. I thought for a moment, well, now Regina is a good character…for good! However, something about that just didn’t feel right. Which is fine, because…it wasn’t the end for the Evil Queen…take a look at the ending scene below.

So, what does this mean? Now we are going to have a Regina vs. Evil Queen storyline to look forward to…or perhaps to dread. How interesting and twisted could this possibly be? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. More details will surely unfold at San Diego Comic Con…they always do.