Wynonna Earp Opens Up A Few Ideas And Bodies In Tonight's Episode -- A Mini Review

Wynonna Earp Opens Up A Few Ideas And Bodies In Tonight’s Episode — A Mini Review

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wynonnaearps1e8In tonight’s episode of Wynonna Earp, Wynonna faces down the seventh of the Revenants involved in her sister’s death while Doc and Dolls finally come to blows in a story that may show-defining for the freshman series.

It’s a tremendous episode that definitely plays up the gore factor as several, um, organs are exposed while Wynonna confronts Two-Faced Jack. He was teased last week, but appears in full tonight. But as clear and visceral as the organs might be, so is Wynonna’s pain when Jack reminds her that she killed her own father that night.

In fact, Wynonna’s entire story tonight plays on the horror aspects of the show more than any episode to date — and that includes the family of cannibals from a few weeks back and episode four’s mirror demon. But that’s part of what makes it interesting. Jack and his human accomplice are not swayed by Wynonna’s strongest weapon: her wit. Without the ability to disarm her opponents with a quip, she must struggle to find a new strength. It comes at a cost and it will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

Also, shoutout to Sasha Berry, who offers a scream queen-worthy yell in the episode.

And while Wynonna faces down a horror movie on her own, Dolls and Doc bond over a visit to Fight Club — a reference lost on Doc as his 100+ years stuck in a well become a growing liability. The two try to find tunnels under Purgatory and end up having to face each other in a Revenant’s underground tough man arena. The entire sequence is filled with great jabs of the verbal sense, but the best part may be watching Dolls puzzlement as Doc assumes the Marquess of Queensberry stance when the two enter the ring.

The fight also leads to some more interesting revelations about Dolls, who is quickly becoming the sleeper favorite as he offers more and more odd layers.

Eight episodes in, Wynonna Earp continues to offer a satisfying mix of word play and weekend sci-fi fun. But this episode may speak most to what the show wants to become in the rest of the season.

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays on Syfy.

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