Civil War II #3 – Who Will Fall? And An All-Newer All-Differenter Marvel In The Autumn?

I’ve been hearing very positive buzz about the upcoming third issue of Civil War II… no details just that it has a very intriguing plot twist that turns the series on its head.

Well, Marvel’s Senior VP of Sales David Gabriel has been talking to comic book retailers about Civil War II.

How they’ll be getting a second preview on June 1st for Civil War titles with lettered previews of every Civil War tie-in publishing in June.

But he also states that Civil War II #3 will be the year’s must read issue with the three words “Who Will Fall”.

And they will also be publishing another free Marvel Magazine this summer to announce all the comics that are being launched in the autumn.

An All-Newer All-Differenter Marvel??? Ho boy.

Oh and some preview art for Civil War II: X-Men….

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