Why Stan Lee's Cameo Is Even More Special In X-Men Apocalypse (SPOILERS)

sl2Stan Lee has famously made cameo appearances in many of the Marvel films and TV shows over the years – even a few others such as Mallrats and Stan Lee's Lucky Man. He has been mistaken for Hugh Hefner and Larry King, played his own postman character Willie Lumpkin and was refused entry to the Fantastic Four wedding ceremony. He's saved a woman from falling masonry, MC'ed a strip club and died at the hands of drinking Hulk blood.

But X-Men Apocalypse's cameo scene has one very special element that sets it apart.

It takes place as Apocalypse sets off all the nuclear missiles in the world, rocketing up into the sky, with people of the world looking up in horror.

One of those people is Stan Lee.

And the woman he is clutching, also looking up in horror and fear?

Well, that would be Joan Lee, his wife. Actress, model and singer from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and now Marvel movie cameo artist. She has played voice roles in Marvel cartoons before, Madame Web in Spider-Man and Miss Forbes in Fantastic Four, but this is her first time in one of the big Marvel movies.


Look out for her when you see the film. And you should see the film…

X-Men Apocalypse is released on May 27th.

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