Artist Pushed Out For Roc Upchurch To Return To Rat Queens? (UPDATE)

Posted by May 15, 2016 Comment

Recently it was announced by co-creator Kurtis Weibe that Rat Queens was being put on hiatus as a series. There had been troubles since it was discovered that the other co-creator, Roc Upchurch, had been arrested on charges of domestic abuse. While there was no prosecution by the courts, Upchurch admitted to being involved to Bleeding Cool.

Upchurch left the book as a restult and was replaced with artist Tess Fowler. But that run came to an end. And Fowler has now chosen to start talking and answering questions, that seems to indicate that Rat Queens is planned to return with Upchurch as artist. She tweets,

No spinning of vendettas here… and Fowler’s original artwork for Rat Queens is on sale here.

UPDATE: Tess has added a number of comments after the piece ran on Bleeding Cool, addressing a number of concerns from people.

She really is…

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