Trouble On The Set Of Jessica Jones Season One Was Calmed By David Tennant


Jessica Jones is a smash hit. Everyone loves it. It’s coming back, no question.

However, the journey was not exactly a smooth one.

The crew – and some of the cast – of the Marvel/Netflix show Jessica Jones based on the comic book Alias were rather put out at the behaviour of star Krysten Ritter during its production and made many accusations of rather diva-ish behaviour on set – when she turned up, that is. With plenty of shouting and screaming at the little guys, texting inbetween takes and phoning it in when the cameras started rolling.

To the extent that crew members were quite happy to complain openly about her behaviour in the out-of-hours bars upon which a certain amountof Bleeding Cool’s coverage depends.

So how did things turn around? Well, I was told that whenever co-star David Tennant, cast as the villainous Kilgrave was on set, her behaviour dramatically altered, she was much easier to get along with, was far sweeter to the rest of the cast and crew, was on time and – more importantly – acted better too. Almost as if it was worth keeping David Tennant in the building, even if he hadn’t got any scenes that day.

Which is exactly what happened.

Shame he won’t be back for season two…

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