Ch-Ch-Changes For Marvel And DC Comics – Batgirl To Daredevil To Cyborg To Patsy Walker

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A few changes ‘twixt solicitation and publication…

Batgirl #51 was solicited with art by Eleanor Carlini but had Minkyu Jung and Roger Robinson added.

All-New All-Different Avengers #12 will be drawn by Paco Medina, not the previously solicited Gerardo Sandoval.

STL001406Cyborg #10 was solicited as written by David Walker but was by Marv Wolfman. The art was solicited by Felipe Watanabe but had Ivan Reis, Daniel HDR and Julio Ferreira added.

Daredevil #8 will be drawn by Goran Sudzuka, not the solicited Ron Garney, and will have cover art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, instead of Garney as well.

Sinestro #22 was solicited with art by Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessy but was actually by Martin Coccolo.

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #5 will be drawn by Natasha Allegri, not the solicited Brittney Williams.

Teen Titans #19 was solicited with art by Ian Churchill but was joined by Alvaro Martinez.

Venom: Space Knight #8 will be drawn by Aaron Kim, not the solicited Ariel Olivetti.

Secret Six #14 was solicited with art by Dale Eaglesham but will be by Tom Derenick.

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #7 was solicited with art by Flaviano Armentaro but will now be drawn by Marco Failla.

Batman/Superman #32 now features art by Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy rather than the solicited Tyler Kirkham.

DreamWorks’ Madagascar #3 was solicited with Rafael Sam but will be drawn by Rik Hoskin.


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