Fires & Murmur And Umbra From Dover Books Squeak Out As Drew Ford Leaves

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Drew Ford may have left Dover Books to set up his own It’s Alive! imprint

But there are two more comics we didn’t mention in two previous posts set up by Drew for Dover Books that have squeaked out despite his departure
They are Fires & Murmur by Lorenzo Mattotti, and Umbra by Stephen Murphy & Mike Hawthorne.

Drew tells me that he,

“I wasn’t sure if they were being published.  But judging by the new Amazon links, they are coming out… Fires, in my opinion, is one of the greatest graphic novels ever produced (and really excited we could add on Murmur, for those who have yet to experience that in English).

719quKQdQULThe solicit reads.

“Displays the artistry of European comics at their very best.” ― Publishers Weekly. Created by an Eisner Award-winning Italian artist, Fires is an hypnotic and haunting fantasy that recounts a naval officer’s investigation of missing ships near a mysterious island where the hills are constantly ablaze. Bursting with mesmerizing imagery and brilliant colors, this hardcover edition also includes a second enigmatic story, Murmur. New English translations. Suggested for mature readers.

And on the second…

And with Umbra, it was my first opportunity to let a creative team scrap the last several pages of their original story, and create the ending they would have created the first time around if the original publisher (Image) would had given them more than three issues to tell their story.

512BqD83ulL Which reads,

“Mike Hawthorne is very good.” — Warren Ellis. Amid Iceland’s dramatic volcanic landscapes, forensic scientist Askja Thorasdottir is investigating a mystery involving a Neanderthal skeleton apparently killed by a Cold War-era Soviet bullet. Before long, someone’s trying to tell Askja something ― and someone else is trying to kill her. This compilation of the Harvey Award-nominated three-issue limited series includes a brand-new and extensive ending that reflects the creators’ original vision. Suggested for mature readers.

Drew concludes,

So, at least to me, both are pretty significant works.  Anyway, hope everyone enjoys them once they come out.  Back to work on my upcoming books at It’s Alive

Image did not reply to enquiries on that last point…

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