A Second Chance To Go Back -- The Los Angeles Lost Concert Adds A Second Show

A Second Chance To Go Back — The Los Angeles Lost Concert Adds A Second Show

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lost-theme-concert-abc-michael-giacchinoLast week many fans had their hopes of attending a recently announced Michael Giacchino Lost concert at the Ford Theater in Los Angeles dashed when the Los Angeles Times ran that the tickets would go on sale at 10am; taking it to mean 10am PST, when in reality they went up at 10am EST. As expected the tickets sold out within the first thirty minutes of going on sale.

With the overwhelming response to the tickets, a second show has been added for September 22nd and tickets went up for sale this morning, as announced via post on Giacchino’s Twitter account.

It’s been six years since the series finale aired on ABC, and the debates still rage over the meaning of the last season and especially the final episode. But beyond the debates and the furor, one aspect of the series has remained in the hearts of fans is the music. All anyone fond of the series has to do is hear a few chords of music and they’ll immediately remember the emotions.

While the passengers on Oceanic flight 815 might not have wanted to go back, we sure do.

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