The Next Call Of Duty Is Likely Called Infinite Warfare And Modern Warfare Remastered Is Coming Too

Posted by April 27, 2016 Comment

It’s another year, which means that we can expect another Call of Duty game, and its around this time we start hearing noise of the next title.

This year, it seems to have come via leaks. Images showed up on Reddit by user Goontmyfries of Sony store listing the title Call of Duty: Infinite War (not to get confused with Marvel’s upcoming Infinity War movies).

That would be cause enough to get things swirling, but a more interesting piece of evidence has just fallen too. In a separate Reddit post, a picture of this card turned up, confirming the name, a 4th of November release date, and also, a Modern Warfare Remaster too. That would be huge, huge news, especially if it was an honest to goodness remaster.

call_duty_infinite_warfare11 (1)

I don’t think both of these being so close together is a mistake either. My guess is the marketing machine is on its way, and we can expect a full reveal very soon. None of this is confirmed of course, but it’s pretty compelling evidence.

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