Superman And Wonder Woman - Where Are They Now? (SPOILERS)

Superman And Wonder Woman – Where Are They Now? (SPOILERS)

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It was way back in May 2011 that I told you that, as part of what would be called the New 52 relaunch, DC Comics would be making a couple out of Superman and Wonder Woman.


A year and a half later, it was confirmed.

And the pair have continued as a couple since. Until last year’s Free Comic Book Day revealed what was to come.


Slightly rejigged when finally published as part of continuity.

Superman-Wonder Woman (2013-) 022-013

So how definite was that?

Superman-Wonder Woman (2013-) 022-015

Especially with a rival on the scene in Lois Lane…


Who seemed to have a habit of finding Superman naked.


Even in her own bed.


Although she did feel a little inadequate.


But there was hope.


While Wonder Woman was quite blatant, talking to Steve Trevor.Justice League (2011-) 046-018

But now Superman is dying. And Wonder Woman has just found out. And they have the talk. While making Michael Turner-like eyes (and lips) at each other courtesy of Ed Benes.

Image (7)

So as Wonder Woman and Lois Lane fans hold their breath, we get an answer…Image (8)Sorry, Lois.

Superman/Wonder Woman #28 by Peter Tomasi and Ed Benes is published today.


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