It Wasn't Just Moon Girl Who Didn't Want Her To Be Inhuman - Her Creators Didn't Either... (Not Initially)

It Wasn’t Just Moon Girl Who Didn’t Want Her To Be Inhuman – Her Creators Didn’t Either… (Not Initially)

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Earlier today I wrote a short piece about what I saw as the perfection of the ending of the first arc of Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur. How it ties everything together, the Inhumans, the terrigenesis, the fear of change, into a perfect emotional visual scene.

One of the writers, Brandon Montclare seemed to like that.

And, answering my queries about how that was all set up, told us that in Inhuman nature of Moon Girl wasn’t originally there, indeed as a creative team they fought against its inclusion – which is why Moon Girl fights against it as well.

Though he did want to clarify it a little…

Happy to do so, sir!

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