#Pokemon20 Calls For Retro Merchandise Photos

#Pokemon20 Calls For Retro Merchandise Photos

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Pokemon is calling out to fans with a heavy dose of nostalgia on Twitter. It’s time to head to your attic or basement to dig out your collection. Perhaps it’s just a matter of reaching in that box in the corner of your bedroom. I have long since lost 90% of the Pokemon things I used to own, but looking over some of the pictures below made me wish that I hadn’t.

Yesterday@Pokemon asked:

Fans answered…


I’m not going to lie…while I’ve seen and definitely remember a lot of these products, that Official Pokemon Handbook with the poster and shiny Mew cover brings back some sweet memories. So, how about you? Dig out your collection of Pokemon badges, or your figure collection, and take a photo. For more information on Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary visit their website.

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