Late Night Frank Cho+Milo Manara+Street Fighter+Cammy+Jim Zub Reaction Piece

Frank Cho was hired by Udon to draw a cover to their new Street Fighter: Cammy comic book. They asked for one based on the Milo Manara Spider-Woman image that caused such a rumpus two years ago. Cho has been churning out similar for plenty of cash as personalised sketch covers but not as an actual published comic.

We ran a piece that pointed out that it existed.

Reaction was… intense. Not least from the writer of the comic.

At this point… I am going to remind people that this is a Street Fighter comic. Based on Cammy. The character who was once introduced to us, thus…

And it’s not like the non-Frank Cho covers for that comic are what you’d exactly call enlightened.


But the internet had lots to say.

But Kieron Gillen had a challenge.

Challenge was accepted.

Let’s pull that out a bit.


You know what? Frank will probably love that.

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