Jughead And The Illuminati? Archie And Sonic For FCBD2016

Jughead And The Illuminati? Archie And Sonic For FCBD2016

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I’m reading a bunch of comics coming out for Free Comic Book Day ahead of release.

Beginning with Archie Comics, which reprints the Mark Waid/Fiona Staples Archie Comics #1, which genuinely was the freshest, most vibrant and appealing version of the Archie world I had ever been exposed to…

Image (10)Until I read the Riverdale pilot script which blows this all away. But this is still a funny, engaging, clever take that works as a fine first experience as to what Archie could be. And it’s backed up by the Chip Kidd/Erica Henderson Jughead #1 which sees the school taken over by mysterious forces that largely pass Jughead by until they affect the unignorable and remove his lasagne.

Image (9)Note that layered pyramid behind. Is it really a school canteen chart to show the importance of food groups and a balanced diet? Or is it a freemason/Illuminati/New World Order symbol? It’s a little more slapdash and traditional that the Archie strip which might also please some of the readers who aren’t quite with the Veronica Mars vibe.

Also from Archie for Free Comic Book Day is the Sonic Sampler which runs a couple of very slick, cartoony and frenetic Sonic strip. Keys To Victory by Ian Flynn, Jamal Peppers and Terry Austin and Eggman’s Dozen by Ian Flynn, Tracy Yardley and Jim Amash.
Image (2)


Fairly non-descript and non-offensive, but they also preview Diana Kelly’s artwork from the upcoming four part story Panic In The Sky, and the new title splashed on the back. Sonic-Mega Drive #1 out in July…Image (3)

Archie Comics FCBD and Sonic Sampler FCBD are published on May 7th for Free Comic Book Day.

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