DeBlanc And Fiore Come Into Focus In New Preacher Photos

Posted by April 26, 2016 Comment

AMC has released a number of cast photos for next month’s debut of Preacher. One of the new shots includes one of wayward angels Fiore and DeBlanc. Okay, technically they’re not wayward yet as they’ve been sent to find Genesis, but readers of the Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon comic book know their search skewers their perspectives a bit.

preacherdeblancPlayed by actors Tom Brooke and Anatol Yusef, they continue the series’ re-imaging of the original comic with the characters shedding their robes for cowboy hats and “slick” government agent attire. Also, it is interesting to note how much Brooke looks like both a Seraph and Herr Starr — which is to say he’s a Dillon illustration come to life.

The actors also appear in this group shot featuring the entire season one Annville gang:

preachergroupPreacher debuts May 22nd on AMC.

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