Venture Through NYC Ninja Turtles Style

Venture Through NYC Ninja Turtles Style

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have always been popular, but thanks to Nickelodeon’s ongoing TV show, the turtles have seen a resurgence. Among many other opportunities to indulge in the “cowabunga” craze, you can now go on a Ninja Turtle-esque adventure in New York City under the Family-Friendly NYC Organization. Amongst the tour, you’ll find opportunities to follow in each individual turtle’s footsteps: Donatello’s NYC: Scientific Discoveries, Leonardo’s NYC: Monuments and Retreats, Michelangelo’s NYC: Food and Fun, and Raphael’s NYC: Outdoors and Nature.

Here’s a bit more of a deeper look at what the itinerary has to offer:

To find the trail of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, get ready to do some tunneling. Start by getting acquainted with life underground in New York City. Hop on the subway to the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn Heights for its array of vintage train cars in a disused subway station. Try your luck finding the hidden subway station under City Hall, though it’s easier to do on a tour. Consider the Lowline Lab, a working prototype for an underground park on the Lower East Side. Admire the whimsical bronze sculptures—including a few turtle-like figures, plus a gator emerging from a sewer—at the 14th Street-Eighth Avenue stop. Back above ground, nod to the ninjitsu-loving foursome at places like the sea turtle fountain at Staten Island’s Midland Beach and, of course, Tribeca’s Japanese theme restaurant Ninja. Dig around for memorabilia and comic books at Midtown Comics and Forbidden Planet. Wherever you travel, be sure to make frequent stops for pizza.

I’m actually incredibly impressed with how in depth these itineraries are. Being someone who has gone to NYC dozens upon dozens of times, I feel like I could follow this itinerary and have an entirely new and exciting experience. Be sure to check out the detailed lineup for each turtle, and be sure to tune into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Nickelodeon.

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