Mock Girl - Go Ahead, It's Safe To Laugh!

Mock Girl – Go Ahead, It’s Safe To Laugh!

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By Terra Snover

Ever wanted to read a comic about mob warfare, psychopathic reality tv stars, growing up as a transgender person, haunted houses and a brain damaged clown?  Well you, my friend, have very a very strange taste in comics!

Now there’s a comic that meets all those requirements and more!  It’s called Mock Girl written and drawn by me, Terra Snover.


As a huge fan myself, I found that transgender characters in comics have been under represented, so I set out to make a comic that would help correct that problem. Mock Girl has been my baby for the last three years, (posting an average of three times a week at and now I’m turning it into a massive printed book through Kickstarter.  With your help!

Mock Girl follows a young transgender woman named Sam and her new roommate Brit. I put a lot of myself in the character of Sam — she comes from my nerdy, shy, awkward side —  and we are are both transgender. I wanted to create a trans character who is more than a cardboard cutout or token LGBTQ.

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Sam and Brit accidentally get into situations that range from the mundane, like shopping for dresses to the purely absurd, like becoming the cause of a shootout between the Russian and Italian mobs at a hospital. The crazy thing about this series is you’re just as invested in the shopping trip as the shoot out! I treat everything with equal amount of irreverence and absurdity so that one can’t help but buy anything this comic throws at you.

Thank you all in advance for your help in bringing Mock Girl off the internet, onto the printed page and into your hands and hearts.


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