Aquaman And Mera Are Married Again?

The New 52 reboot did away with marriage in the DC Comics Universe.

Most of them anyway, all the lead characters aside from Animal Man, who were married previously, were suddenly no longer married. Clark Kent and Lois Lane weren't even dating. And longtime plans for Batwoman to marry her partner were done away with, and the creative team left as a result.

Geoff Johns tried to have his cake and eat it with Aquaman. As a writer, he simply never used the words wife, husband, wedding or marriage. PartnerĀ or consort were the words of choice. And a DC executive confirmed to me that, no, they weren't married.

In June, there was the suggestion that this was changing… as Aquaman asked Mera to be his Queen… "Arthur, was that a proposal?" Yes, yes it was.

Well, it looks like any such ceremony must have happened offpanel, as in today's Aquaman #51, Mera refers to him thus;



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