Reading The First Chapter Of DC Superhero Girls For FCBD2016

Katana may not be in the Suicide Squad FCBD comic, but she is in the DC SuperHero Girls FCBD comic, the first chapter of the upcoming graphic novel by Shea Fontana and Yancy Labat. And.. actually, yes, it is a bit odd that Katana is walking through the school corridor with swords in her hand. I guess the no-blade rule was never enforced in this institution. No metal detectors…

STK699531The comic focuses on Supergirl, but gives the impression that this is just for the opening chapter, each to focus on a different character, and the mysterious individual hunting them down.

Because, for all that this is an intentionally lightweight read for a younger audience, it has also learned from the likes of Hunger Games. 

After all, it is set in an high school full of petty rivalries and literally institutionalised violence as the kid-versions of classic DC superheroes with a focus on the female members, are taught to fight each other in class.

Okay, maybe Katana can’t get her swords out for that one.

But this is a comic of colour, tying in with all sorts of media representations of these DC characters for a different audience. The black lines are knocked back, the flat colours pushed to the fore, and shadows are reduced.

IMG_0040 But for all the mundane mixing of superheroes and slice of life tropes of a kindergarten book, there are undercurrents of threats that might be more in keeping with Morning Glories and No Mercy, which I wasn’t expecting. How much more of that will be developed, we’ll have to wait for the graphic novel.

DC SuperHero Girls FCBD is published by DC Comics on Free Comic Book Day, May 7th 2016.

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