Mark Millar Interviews David Icke For The Big Issue – Just Don’t Mention The Lizards

1200_mark_millar_cover_0Last week, Mark Millar guest-edited The Big Issue, the British magazine sold by people who are homeless, to benefit both themselves and the homeless in general.

In which he interviewed campaigner and conspiracy theorist David Icke about conspiracy theories. Which puts paid to our own conspiracy theory that they were working on a comic book called Reborn together. It was just this interview.

But it gives Millar a chance to talk about travelling to the Isle Of Wight to meet Icke and the beliefs they share in common. Mark Millar seems to share the belief that the death of Princess Diana was a conspiracy.

Though it didn’t stop him claiming his MBE from the Queen, someone David Icke believes is a shape shifting seven foot lizard, and who appears on the front of this week’s issue of the Big Issue. Conspiracy?

If we wanted to delve into conspiracies of our own, Millar also repeats the statement that David Icke exposed the TV broadcaster Jimmy Savile as a pedophile and rapist in his 1999 book The Biggest Secret, long before his death and the subsequent mainstream expose of his crimes, something that has been rubbished elsewhere. Millar states.

Could national treasure Jimmy Savile really be a monster involved in child-trafficking and Satanic ritual abuse with some of the most famous faces in Britain, including the ex-Prime Minister who signed us into the European Union?

So said David Icke in The Biggest Secret, a perennial best-seller, which caught my eye in 1999,

According to the The Conspiracy Archive, he did no such thing.

First, there is no evidence to support the claims of Icke and others that he had publicly named Savile as a paedophile “since the 1990s”. In fact, if you look through the full catalogue of David Icke’s conspiracy books from The Robots Rebellion (1994), through The Biggest Secret (1998) when he first began to expose the elite paedophilia networks, up to the last title published before Savile’s death on 29 October 2011, Human Race Get Off Your Knees (2010), you will not find a single word about Jimmy Savile. Nor will you find any mention in Remember Who You Are(2012) published after Savile had died on 29 October 2011.

And while Millar doesn’t bring up Icke’s belief that the human race has been invaded by alien races, including those seven foot humanoid shape-shifting lizards assuming the roles of the world’s most powerful individuals, in royalty, politics and business. He does say,

This is the one place where some in the alternative media sometimes deviate from Icke but he’s unapologetic about where his research has led him and lays it all out very simply. His basic thesis is that just as demodex folliculorum are a parasite on human skin invisible to the naked eye, an unseen consciousness feeds on human emotion outside our spectrum of light. The Christians called them demons, the Arabs called them Djinn and the ancient Aztecs sacrificed human beings to them in industrial numbers in return for power.

But what more understandably fascinates Millar is Icke’s “fearlessness” and that “The idea that he writes what he believes and never thinks about the consequences for his name or reputation.” Which might well sum up Millar too. That connection is a lot more comfortable to make for sheeple like me.

The full interview can be read here. The Big Issue is sold in most town centres in the UK. Copies of this issue can be bought from the Big Issue shop.



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