What Defines A Non-Superpowered Hero?

Marvel's latest top ten list is based on characters without super-powers. And after watching it, it made me really think that the definition of this list may need some clarification. Some of the names on the list make a lot of sense like Elektra, Punisher, Black Widow, Shang-Chi and Hawkeye. But then you have to start wondering.

Winter Soldier is on the list as well as Nick Fury. I thought the Russians did something to Bucky Barnes to enhance him besides the arm and Fury was using a formula to extend his life. Those two I would question but probably let slide.

Then there is Howard the Duck. being that he is alien then maybe he doesn't have superpowers… but doesn't that mean character like Gamora and Drax could be on the list?

And finally, the last two editions are Iron Man and War Machine. And yes, without there tech they don't have superpowers. But then doesn't that open up another slew of heroes like Star-Lord (half alien gives him the Howard the Duck exemption), Ant-Man, Wasp and anyone else who uses technology?

And then aren't you also missing Doctor Strange and Iron Fist? Tapping into the mystical world is in some ways the equivalent of using technology.


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