Welcome To ‘Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully’


BBC Radio 4 is currently repeating the second series of the sitcom Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully. Which has given me the motivation to find the first series and listen to the lot.

And maybe suggest you do too.

The writer Eddie Robson, is also known for his Doctor Who audio, book and novel work, as well comics like 2000 AD, Transformers: Prime, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Captain America: Living Legend.

So, you know. One of us.

The show gives us a village invaded by aliens who pop up a force field around the place, to test out how an invasion might work on humans. Turns out pretty well actually, most folk are compliant except a couple of young women planning the resistance. Just, very badly.

And the aliens are compliant as well, with only a little bit of disintegration and laser cannons going on, instead they develop a taste for Black Forest Gateau, cigarettes and singsongs.

It’s very gentle, but rather funny and when the violence and destruction does come it’s so much more of a surprise.

It’s also got Peter Davison in it.

You can buy the first two series on CD or on iTunes or whatnot, or listen to the first two episodes on th second series right here, free, on the BBC Radio iPlayer without global restriction. Third episode next week.

You really should, you know.


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