Meet The Pupils Of Detective Comics, More Details From DC Rebirth

Meet The Pupils Of Detective Comics, More Details From DC Rebirth

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d12Editor of Detective Comics, Chris Conroy, delineates Batman and Batwoman’s “pupils” in this new series, in the DC Rebirth Previews.

RED ROBIN: aka The Dropout

“Red Robin [Tim Drake] always kept Batman at arm’s length, trying to forge his own road, but he’s at a crossroads in terms of what he wants to do with his life, maybe hanging up the mask.”

ORPHAN: aka The Reform School Girl

“Orphan [Cassandra Cain] is the one Batman feels a need to keep an eye on. She was raised for one purpose killing and while she doesn’t want to go back to that life, she needs a new life built for her”

CLAYFACE: aka The Delinquent

“The idea with Clayface is that this is not someone who was `born bad’ he had a real life, and circumstances drove him onto the path he’s on. Batman thinks he can literally reshape him to be a better man.”

SPOILER: aka The Troublemaker

“Spoiler is someone who’s gonna get in over her head if theyleave her unsupervised, and bring major heat down on herself she’s a potential problem.”

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