Civil War II FCBD Has Been Pirated By Scanbro, A Month Before Free Comic Book Day (UPDATE)

Civil War II FCBD Has Been Pirated By Scanbro, A Month Before Free Comic Book Day (UPDATE)

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1460410200474It’s been six months since the comics pirate Scanbro pirated a comic book with his name on it. That was Amazing Spider-Man #1, released days before official release.

Well now he has done the same for Civil War II FCBD, a month before Free Comic Book Day. I understand that most US retailers received all their Free Comic Book Day titles ahead of the day, to help prepare.

Scanbro has a habit of scanning in comics before they are released to the public, mostly concentrating on key launch and anniversary Spider-Man comics written by Dan Slott and it is believed he works in a comic book store. He did the same with Marvel’s Infinity #0 offering for Free Comic Book Day in 2013.

Most comic book piracy has moved to digital editions (which is why you haven’t seen Wonder Woman Earth One pirated yet – it’s still print only) but Scanbro is old school. As a result, however, I am told it is of a lower quality resolution than digital comic readers might expect.

So those of you trying to avoid spoilers until Free Comic Book Day – might have to try a little harder.

UPDATE: Scanbro has now uploaded tomorrow’s Amazing Spider-Man as well. Also, I made an error, as did a number of people, it’s the FCBD edition of Civil War that has been pirated, not issue 0. As Bendis says…

(Last Updated April 12, 2016 7:05 pm )

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