And Finally... Some DC Rebirth Speculation

And Finally… Some DC Rebirth Speculation

Posted by April 12, 2016 Comment

Firstly, let’s see the front and page cover of DC Rebirth Previews together.


The hourglasses may represent timelines. Bleeding Cool once reported that the JSA had been forgotten but the world would remember them and they would join the present day as young characters. The hourglass may be part of that. As may that Justice League that’s Pre 52 – Pre Crisis even, with certain amends. A Justice League that never saw a Crisis? And then the DC Rebirth Justice League and friends, bursting out of their hour glass…

As for that hand…. looking who is on that cover…

Is it Wally West? The Pre 52, Pre Crisis, Wally West? He does seem to have a tendency to get wrapped up in such events…

Mindless speculation. And good night… read more DC Rebirth stuff over here.

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