Lex Luthor – The Man Who Beat Superman, In Action Comics Details For DC Rebirth


From the DC Rebirth Previews out this week… Lex Luthor? What’s his deal?

Superman’s greatest foe and tech billionaire, Luthor’s been waiting for a chance to name himself protector of Metropolis. When he sees his shot, Luthor doesn’t hesitate to jump to the defense of his great city.

APPEARING IN: ACTION COMICS from writer Dan Jurgens and artists Patrick Zircher, Tyler Kirkham and Stephen Segovia.

STATUS QUO SHIFT: Villain turned superhero.

WHY HE WEARS THE SHIELD: Beating Superman? Easy. Replacing him? Now that’s something that’ll hurt the Man of Steel’s legacy. Seeing an opening to steal away the Man of Steel’s most iconic symbol for himself, Luthor turns himself into a true man of tomorrow.

So… what did happen to the New 52 Superman? Read more on Bleeding Cool’s DC Rebirth coverage here.

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