Damian Wayne’s Take On His Fellow Teen Titans – More DC Rebirth Details

teen titansDamian Wayne is leader of Teen Titans. Or at least he thinks he is. After all, in the new series he gathers them by hunting and capturing them, to persuade them to aid him against his¬†grandfather, Ra’s Al-Ghul. Here, thanks to this week’s DC Rebirth Previews, is his take on the Teen Titans.

BEAST BOY “I love Beast Boy as much as I pity him. That’s because he’s anybody’s best friend. Like every actor, he wants to make you smile, wants to make you love him. He’s always thinking about you, so he doesn’t have to think about himself. He’s an elephant, he’s a gorilla, he’s a nobody, busy on the outside, empty on the inside. He could smash me, but I could punch a hole through him.”
STARFIRE “Starfire will mother-hen you to death. She cares too much, takes bleeding heart to a whole new level, wants to give you a hug and a cookie and a tissue. It’s nauseating. Sure, she comes from a warrior culture and yes, I want her fighting by my side but trust me: Sympathy is a deficiency.”

RAVEN “I believe you have to hurt evil if you’re going to stop it. Raven is like a black sponge, soaking up all the feelings, while I rely on facts, logic, action. Despite all our differences, I might relate to her more than anyone we’ve both got greatness and nastiness in our blood. She may not even know it yet, but she might be the most powerful of us all.”

KID FLASH “He’s a big-hearted kid, an eager student, someone who’s gone through some rough spots and is now so eager to live up to his potential that he’ll do whatever he’s told by whoever takes charge. I wish more people were like that: bendable to my will. Wally’s going to accomplish great things, as long as he listens to me.”

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