Short Film Based On Neil Gaiman Poem Nears Initial Kickstarter Goal

Neil Gaiman‘s poem “In Relig Odhrain,” tells the story of two saints, a murder, and the dark history behind the chapel on the island of Iona. Animator Jim Batt has secured the rights to the poem and enlisted Gaiman to eventually narrate a stop motion short film based on Gaiman’s writing. He’s also turned to Kickstarter to raise funds to complete the project. His test image looks incredible:

oranThe short, titled The Grave of Saint Oran, will be a collaboration between Batt, painter Ellen Barkin Söderholm, and a talented stop motion crew. The plan is use a similar paper cut-out technique to the one Batt used on his previous Kickstarter-backed short, I Have Your Heart.

Incentives include downloads, DVDs, prints, the chance to visit the studio and more. But the intent is to raise enough money to complete the film. As of post-time, the campaign is within $4,000 of its initial $45,000 goal. With twenty-four days remaining, it seems likely Batt will hit his goal with room to spare.