Marvel Comics Trademarks Mosaic – War With Stan Lee?

Along with a whole bunch of familiar names such as Old Man Logan and The Vision, Marvel Comics has registered a trademark for the word Mosaic for “comic books; printed periodicals in the field of comic book stories and artwork”.

Trademarks are usually “use it or lose it” deals. But they can also be used as acts of aggression against rivals.

Because in 2007, Anna Paquin starred in Stan Lee Presents: Mosaic, a cartoon film written by Scott Lobdell for the Cartoon Network.

It’s basically Stan Lee Does Buffy, but it seems that Marvel Comics has intentions on the name. A comic book was created by Dark Horse comics drawn by Fabio Laguna and was included with the DVD release.

Trademarks last ten years. If they applied for one in 2006, it may be up now… and it’ not like anyone has used the name in comics much in that time…

Thanks to Budge for the typo check.

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