The Lauder Tapes Take Another Look At Late 1990s UFO Sightings

In a video released exclusively to Bleeding Cool, investigator David Collins has uncovered new recollections of the 1997 Heaven’s Gate mass suicide and a copycat suicide that may connect the initial invent to the deaths of four men following the Phoenix Lights incident earlier that year.

Collins is no stranger to disappearances and tragedies. Since his younger sister was abducted and killed, he has been trying to learn the truth behind the 1997 death of the four men that may be tied to a US government operation.

In the video, he sources an interview with Officer Lieutenant S. Jordan, who was at the scene of the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide that took thirty-nine lives, including cult leader Marshall Applewhite. The group believe that a UFO – tied to the Phoenix Lights – was waiting to transport them beyond this world to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Collins also uncovered footage of a copycat suicide years later. The tapes found in the home of ex-Heaven’s Gate member Walton Gayson include five video cassettes containing over 50 minutes of footage, captured by one of the men, Glenn Lauder, were found, but the material was never released until now.