Vladimer Putin To Star In Divinity II, From Valiant Entertainment

putinVladimir Putin has appeared in comic books before, such as Avengers/Thunderbolts, The Badge, GI Joe and his own Super Putin comic.

But he’s getting a little more press of his appearance in the new series of Divinity by Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine, courtesy of the New York Daily News. As a despot bent on world domination in a new series from Valiant Entertainment.

Matt Kindt tells them,

“I don’t think you could have an all-powerful Russian cosmonaut roaming the Earth without Putin having something to say about it. You can’t have Russia taking over the world without their leader being involved,” he added. “I did a massive amount of research on Putin, but I kept his dialogue to a minimum. I think it’s a tricky thing to put words into an acting leader’s mouth.”

And so Putin will manipulate the ’60s-era cosmonaut who has returned to Earth from deep space with super powers and a desire to build a new Soviet empire.

The New York Daily News asks “still, there’s enough here to run the risk of poking the bear. Is it really wise to antagonize a former KGB officer who was found guilty by a British inquiry of ordering the radioactive-poisoning murder of a Russian ex-spy in London?”

It seems not. And hey, it’s not if they’e poking the Chinese…

Have a Putinless preview of the comic in question.





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