Chuck Palahniuk Eats His Own Tail In Fight Club 2 Finale (SPOILERS)

In February we reported on how the finale of Fight Club 2 by Chuck Palahniuk and Cameron Stewart from Dark Horse would address the cult of Tyler Durden. And it’s done rather directly.

Today’s final issue of this mindbending comic book sequel to the original novel (incorporating aspects of the film as well). As Chuck lays out his finale for the story, he addresses his writing group.


At least, courtesy of Chelsea Cain, they know what’s coming.


And Chuck anticipates not only reader reaction to his finale…


…but also the kind of readers who have this kind of reaction specifically those with Tyler Durden tattoos. The folk that Chuck and Cameron have been signing many a copy for.



Chuck has run many an AMA on Reddit. Including giving this one line, “Every character has to stand on a platform of rationalizations. That’s half the fun of creating someone like Tyler Durden. I might not agree with what he says, but it’s fun to wear his clothes and state things from his viewpoint.”


Well, today, Chuck is stating things from his audience’s viewpoint. Or rather certain aspects of his audience. And is having fun wearing their clothes – and tattoos.

fc5Okay, mostly having fun. And for anyone who thinks that this is all spoileriffic… this is only the beginning. You ain’t seen nothing yet… enjoy one of the best comic books of the year.

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